China’s Trojan Herd


The US and Germany must work together in the face of China’s global plan to dominate tech and manufacturing. But is it too late?   Through its “Made in China 2025” industry strategy, China is making great strides to become the global leader in high-tech industries and manufacturing. The initiative was launched in 2015 as […]

Urgent Need for Renegotiation


After the so-called Uruguay Round (1986-1994), the World Trade Organization (WTO) not only failed to further substantially liberalize global trade, but also to reflect the economic balance of power of the 21st century in its institutional set-up. In order to maintain global economic integration and to keep countries open to trade, a tariff renegotiation is […]

ATLANTIC EXPEDITION: a project by Atlantische Initiative


The Atlantic Expedition is a German-American fellowship program initiated by the non-profit organization Atlantische Initiative e.V. The fellowship aims to empower a younger and more diverse generation of leaders in transatlantic relations. Throughout the program, participants from both sides of the Atlantic discuss and implement creative and innovative ideas on how to modernize transatlantic relations.

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