Out of the comfort zone? Norway and the transatlantic estrangement

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Like most members of the Atlantic Alliance, Norway has been unsettled by the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Policymakers and commentators struggle to understand how Trump’s Washington works. Most unsettling, perhaps, is the overall impression that in an ever more complex world and in an ever more challenging security environment, […]

From Geopolitics to Singularity: Transatlantic Relations in the 21st Century

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Let’s be traditional first: The main purpose of the transatlantic relationship in the 21st century will look familiar to those who have studied its history since 1949: To prevent a situation from emerging in which Europeans feel they need to call Moscow first, instead of Washington, in questions of international politics. Add Beijing to the […]

The Atlantic Community under Strain

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Western democracies are facing tough times. The United States is suffering from deep divisions, witnessing challenges to political institutions and retreating from a global emphasis on democratic values. Its traditional partner, the European Union, has turned inward after the financial crisis and refugee crisis as well as the acrimonious Brexit negotiations. Elections over the last […]

Does India benefit from a closer Transatlantic Alliance?

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Despite appearances to the contrary, India’s position has shifted little since the days of the Cold War, though the superficial media spin may like you to believe otherwise.   India’s history with the transatlantic alliance has, for much of its history, been problematic. On one hand, for Indian society at large, the values and lifestyle […]

Wrap-Up: Atlantic Basecamp in Berlin

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9-13 April 2018 In a very intense and thought-provoking week in April, 30 American and German fellows gathered in Berlin to present their strategies and concrete projects aimed at modernizing transatlantic relations in the form of an Atlantic Action Plan. The 30 fellows taking part in the Atlantic Basecamp represent a fine selection of the […]

Atlantic Action Plan Fact Sheet

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Have a look at the summary of the main information of the Atlantic Action Plan by our fellows of the Atlantic Expedition: “To realize innovative policies and future modes of transatlantic cooperation, the Atlantic Action Plan proposes to strategically expand the scope of transatlantic actors and allies and to increase the presence of underrepresented communities”. […]