About Us is the first online foreign policy think tank, and is primarily focused on issues affecting transatlantic relations. Launched in 2007 as a project of Atlantische Initiative e.V., based in Berlin and led by Dr. Johannes Bohnen and Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen, our mission is to encourage open and democratic dialogue on the challenges facing Europe and North America. We believe that these challenges – from economic crises to counteracting terrorism – can only be solved through close cooperation. is member-driven; our community of over 9,000 members encourages everyone, regardless of geographic location, to have a say on issues impacting the transatlantic community. We especially want to provide a voice for a new generation of thinkers and young leaders, giving them the opportunity to publish and debate side by side with established experts, and to have their policy ideas seen by senior officials. This gives our members real political influence, while decision-makers benefit from the next generation’s fresh ideas.

Our main section is the Open Think Tank, where op-eds written by members and edited by our staff are published on a daily basis. Readers comment on the ideas and suggestions presented in the articles, and the editorial staff then condenses the debates into Atlantic Memos – executive summaries that harness the collective intelligence of the community, and present the best solutions and policy recommendations. These memos are sent to policy makers in over 28 countries in Europe and North America for their consideration.

How works also has numerous special features, sections, and events that promote debate and cooperative solutions to transatlantic issues and provide our members with access to policy makers. These include periodic “theme weeks” that focus on a particular issue and present a selection of member articles alongside established experts in that area. We also hold Policy Workshop Competitions where the winners get to present their ideas in person to government officials, as well as Q&As that allow members to ask direct questions of senior policy makers. was re-launched in November 2012. Articles published between 2007 until the re-launch are archived and fully accessible here. Since April 2018 we have a bright new website, which you are currently browsing. The old websites are used as archives and all new articles will be published here.

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A grateful remark to Kevin Ampabsah, Linus Sehn and Luca Lo Scavo for the creation of the website.